Student Council

Students can gain leadership experience and get involved in the school community by joining Student Council. Holy Trinity Student Council is a group of 4th – 8th grade students who have been designated by their peers and their teachers as leaders in the school. Student Council’s main mission is to serve the student body and facilitate programs and projects that promote service. Student Council is dedicated to providing opportunities for Holy Trinity students to serve the school community, the neighborhood community, and our global community.

We are proud of our student-lead community building activities and service projects. Some of our activities and service projects include: Food Shelf Drives,The Franciscan Brothers of Peace,Pennies for Patients, Feed My Starving Children, Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. Student Council organizes the out of uniform fund drives, where students can pay $1 to be out of uniform on a the holidays of St. Patrick’s Day, Valentines Day etc. The funds collected go to these worthy causes as well.

Homeroom Representatives

Each Homeroom Representative will actively seek out the wishes of his/her homeroom classmates and voice them to the student council. This person is responsible for communicating in a timely manner to their classmates, the decisions of the student council, enlisting their support and participation, and performing the duties assigned to him/her. Homeroom Representatives will be asked to serve on at least three event committees during the school year. Representatives will be expected to attend and participate in all student council meetings and student council sponsored events.