Holy Trinity’s 2016 annual Marathon Fundraiser was an AMAZING success! This years program including a 1.1 mile walk to our sister parish St. Augustine, a picnic lunch on the church grounds, a rosary for our generous donors and then the 1.1 mile walk back where students ran through the finish line! Songs and chants could be heard as we walked the streets of South St. Paul showing our love for Holy Trinity.

Upon the children’s return to the school they gathered in front of the Flag to honor the South St. Paul Policeman who ensured their safety during the marathon. The students presented a St. Michael medal(protector of the police) and then they prayed the Saint Michael prayer over the police officers.

The 2018 pledge goal was $26,000. The children have exceeded expectation and have collected pledges of $35,000This was an incredible feat! We are so proud of everyone and our hearts are bursting with thanks for all everyone gave.

Marathon officially concluded on November 16th with a Celebration that included prizes for almost everyone one of the students, and the opportunity to slime some of their teachers, Mrs. Kincs and  the grand finale to Slime Father Echert for those students who raise $600 or more.

Making the Trek


Hitting the Finish Line

Honoring the Policeman

Marathon Celebration - Slime Father