We fulfill our mission for the kindergarten program by fostering knowledge of our faith in a Christ-centered environment through daily prayer, bible stories, weekly Mass, Stations of the Cross during Lent, and service opportunities.

Introducing students to a core curriculum including religion, language arts, mathematics, and science. Students are engaged and actively involved as they learn and master new skills using stories, songs, games and many hands-on experiences.

Promoting social development throughout the day as our student’s work, collaborate and play together. The kindergarten classroom emphasizes respect for all, creating an environment where all children are supported and nurtured.

Supporting all learners with a variety of instructional strategies including whole group, small group and individual experiences. Students learning styles, needs and interests are valued and our teachers encourage each child to succeed and reach their full potential.

Encouraging families to fully participate in their child’s education by volunteering at school, assisting in the classroom, reading in the library, and supporting their young learners at home.


The 5th grade students are the kindergartners church buddies. They help the students during the weekly Mass and during the Stations of the Cross.

The 7th and 8th grade students are the kindergartner’s big buddies. The buddies work together to build community, make friendships and foster a bond between the younger and older students. These factors help the kindergartners get acquainted with the school and overall environment at Holy Trinity.