4th Grade Spring Fling 2017

Enrichment Programs

The core curriculum at Holy Trinity is enhanced by many experiences that challenge and enrich our overall program.


The visual arts are an important entity in contemporary society. A fine arts program is vital so that the students from preschool through eighth grade can understand this important facet of their world. It provides our students with the opportunity to deepen their awareness of God's gift of creation and respond creatively to the beauty.

Instruction in the arts contributes to the development of the whole child, promotes individual expression, allows experimentation with diverse materials and elements, enables exploration and appreciation of the works of other students and major artists, develops an awareness and sensitivity toward the environment, and finally promotes a deeper understanding of heritage and culture.

Here at Holy Trinity, the visual arts curriculum provides a holistic approach to education, in which the art specialist works closely with the other educators in the school, building upon the core curriculum.

The curriculum taught in kindergarten and 1st grade are repeated throughout the grades in an ever-expanding form and difficulty.


The goal of the music program at Holy Trinity is to inspire students with a love and passion for music, through the appreciation of music history, a solid foundation in vocal technique, and experience of basic vocal performance. We aim to create a fun yet academic environment where students learn to love singing, explore the wonderful capabilities of the human voice, and to glorify God through the gift of song.

Students learn:

  • All grades: rhythm, identifying different pitches, and singing in unison
  • Fifth through eighth grade: beginning solfege and sight singing and basic music theory and history

Music events: All students will participate in two musical events during the school year: Christmas and spring concert.

Physical Education

Physical education is an important component of the total education. Physical education focuses on appreciating the blessings and skills the Lord has given us. Our priorities include taking care of one another, having fun, and improving our fitness and athletic skills. We follow a curriculum with age-targeted objectives.

  • Primary grades: play games that practice balance, coordination, rhythm, kicking, throwing, and jumping.
  • Middle school: students explore volleyball, soccer, football, rhythm and dance, basketball, pickleball, floor hockey and bowling. We also do some fitness training.


At Holy Trinity students use technology to expand their knowledge base on many areas of the curriculum. The technology program provides students in every grade level hands-on experience through instruction and discovery. To help students gain proficiency with computers, instruction is given in the areas of cyber-security, keyboarding skills, basic computer hardware, software applications, and the internet as a resource. Students are given the opportunity to use Khan Academy to support and enhance the curriculum, as well as build skills for the standardized test. Students explore: "Computer Science" through the use of Google CS coding projects and through the use of educational websites to learn more about the parts of a computer, and it's capabilities. Because Holy Trinity is connected to the internet, so there is an Internet Use Policy that the student and his/her parent /guardian must sign.

Children's and Chamber Choirs

The Children's Choir is open to grades 2 through 4 and the Chamber Choir for grades 5 through 8. These choirs are open to all Holy Trinity students and children of the Holy Trinity Parish.

Both choirs sing once a month at the Wednesday school Mass and combine to sing once a month at a Sunday Mass. They begin to read music, learn proper use and care of their voice, and many sacred hymns and songs - some in Latin!

The choirs rehearse weekly beginning in September and continue until the end of May. Rehearsals for the Chamber Choir are Tuesdays from 2:45 p.m. - 3:15 p.m., and the Children's choir rehearses on Wednesdays from 2:20 p.m. to 3:05 p.m. Both choirs enjoy an end of year pizza party the last week of May as a special thank you for being in the choir.


Band is offered to students in 4th through 8th grade through the Pioneer Pathways program offered through Hill-Murray School. The band lessons and rehearsals are once a week. Most band days include 1/2 hour of small group lesson and 1/2 hour of rehearsal. There is a minimum of 28 band days per school year. First-year students perform in the beginner band; second-year students are promoted to intermediate band. An advanced band class is offered to students who complete an audition. 6th through 8th-grade students in advanced band are eligible to join the Jazz Band.