About Holy Trinity

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Holy Trinity Catholic School embodies a safe, nurturing and faith based educational environment where each child receives significant personal attention and love from a small family-like staff in a small classroom environment. It is a place where children learn to love God and one another while getting to know who they are and how to be the best they can be.


Holy Trinity Catholic School is a parish-based school that best provides an environment for children to academically learn and grow in the Catholic Faith.


Provide an “Education for Life” educating the whole person, academically, spiritually, physically, and socially.


Holy Trinity Catholic School of South St. Paul is fully accredited by the Minnesota non-public Schools Accrediting Association(MNSAA), complying with all MNSAA requirements.

Holy Trinity Catholic School Preschool program is fully accredited by the National Association for Education of Young Children(NAEYC), fulling complying with all NAEYC requirements.


The school day starts at 8:05am and ends at 2:30pm.

Class Size

Holy Trinity Catholic School Preschool will maintain a class size of 18 students.

Kindergarten through 8th grade will maintain a class size of 25 students.


Students in all day kindergarten through 8th grade have at least one recess per day. Students spend 20 minutes after lunch playing outside, if weather conditions are unfavorable children will go to the gym for recess.

Hot Lunch

Holy Trinity Catholic School’s nutritious hot lunch (includes one cart of milk) cost $3.10. Milk without hot lunch is $.45 a carton. Monthly menu’s and order form will be sent home each month and must be returned by the requested due date, and must be pre-paid at that time.

In the event a student forgets their cold lunch and hot lunch has not been pre-ordered, an emergency lunch of a sandwich, fruit, chips, and milk will be made available for your student.

Families are welcome to join students for lunch, you may pre-order a meal for $3.40 or bring in a lunch.

Meatless meals will be offered on Friday’s during lent.

Allergy Information: To request that a child be exempt from certain foods, a statement from a physician is required indicating what protective steps the school should take to provide an allergy free environment for your child.

Free and reduced lunches: To apply at any time during the year for free or reduced -price lunches for your children. Please contact the school secretary for an application at secretary@holytrinityssp.org. Return the application to the school office for processing. Within 10 working days of receiving your application, the school will advise you whether or not your children are eligible. Eligibility must be applied for each year.

If a family member becomes unemployed, or if the family size changes, please contact the school to file a new application. Such changes may make your children eligible for reduced priced meals.

Wellness Policy

Holy Trinity Catholic School promotes health and wellness for the whole person: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. In the spiritual area, we try and foster growth in each child’s personal relationship with God and in knowledge of God’s great love for them and of his truths that will help lead them to a life of happiness and of service to God and our world.

We promote emotional well-being by fostering throughout the entire school community a pervasive atmosphere of love, kindness, friendship, and respect.

We promote physical health and wellness by:

  • Offering a hot lunch program that serves healthy meals that meet all state and federal standards.
  • Offering Physical Education classes twice a week for every student.
  • Offering a substantial (30 minutes for grades K-5 and 20 minutes for grades 6-8) recess period for all students every day. This allows the students a significant opportunity for physical exercise and play each day.
  • Offering inter-school and intramural athletic opportunities for interested students beginning in the 4th grade.